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459th BGA Reunion 2004 John Van Horn( in Uniform), Leonard G Guick( Left )- Wreath Ceremony at WWII Memorial 459th BGA  Reunion at WWII Memorial Wreath 1 September-2004 459th BGA Reunion at WW II Memorial Wreath 2   9-2004 459th BGA Reunion 2004 -View From WW II Memorial toward Tomb- Unknown Soldier WW II Memorial Stone WW II Memorial Stone- Emblem September,2004  459th Reunion, Washington, DC 60 th Anniversity Collings Foundation B-24 All- American Patch USAF 459th Air Lift Wing Patch-2004 Later converted to Air Fuel Wing-Continuation of WWII 459th Bomb Group 459th Bomb Group Insigna-WW II The Sad Sacks Band 756th B S Satan's Shuttlebus B-24  1944 B-24 Memmorial WW II Annoucement- The Consolidated B-24 Liberator is to Honored in San Diego,CA2003 B-24 Consolidated B-24 Liberator Patch Cerignola Catherdal in 1944 -Catherdal is listed in  Ripley`s   Cerignola, Italy Sectional Map-Small  X-mark NW pf City Is Location of 459th BG`s Giulia Airfield 1944  459th BG`s Giulia Field- Italian Grape Receiving Station Active in 1944 During War Mario Capocafalo, who as a young boy in 1944 befriended many of the Group Airmen nearby, at his Cerignola Museum 459th BG Mission 190  2-16-45 Regensberg, GR A-D Flak Poem by Ed Denari-757th BS Cut out of Consolidated B-24 Liberator 4-Engine Heavvy Bomber WWII Front Half Cut out of Consolidated B-24 Liberator 4-Engine Heavvy Bomber WWII Rear Half Jarvis Strong,459BGA 529 in Cockpit of B-24 with Commander - 459th Airlift Wing at Armed Forces Day,2006 KC 135 459th Air Refueling Wing plane and  B-24 with 459th BG Tajil Markings at Armed Forces Day 2006 WASP Booklet Page 1

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