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Public Relations Specialist for 758th BS, April 1945 - Italy Five hundred pound bombs, on way to plane side before fuses and tails Major McDonald getting ready for a hit I wasn't mad, regardless of the scowl.  April 45 - Italy  Kitchen mess line with Headquarters in background. Ruins of Foggia Frank Leto has Life in Italy where the war has left. Ruins of Foggia Sunny Italy Christmas Day 1944. This is the cooks on the serving line, that's Mike Lograsso, Mess Sgt., making the funny face on the right side. Notice the Christmas tree and the way the ceiling was decorated with leaves and pine branches. Home 1944 Planting the sod around our tent. Part of U.S.O. Show Harold Giblin and I.  How do you like the GI haircut? Foggia, the town cathedral in back. FOREVER-AMBER Completed 105 missions and I flew back to U.S.A. with her after VE Day. B-24  - Vertical tail markings.Top half has white diamond for 304th Wing - bottom has black and yellow checkerboard for 459th. B-24's over target Losing oil from # 3 engine 459th ship landing Your Son... April 45  Italy

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