06/09/1944 - A/C: 42-78219

Manzan Tarcisio was a witness of the crash the plane 42-78219 piloted by Lt Benjamin E Paschal. He is now 96 years old. He saw the ship was falling on spin and every turn made by it, one man/parachute camming out in the sky. He confirm the dogfight between USAF and german ship. The plane was in the Italian north east sky over the municipality of San Giorgio di Nogaro, close to the costline north of Adriatic sea (45° 50' 01" N 13° 12' 57''E)

Thank you, Manzan Paolo, son

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  • MACR 6317: MACR 6317.pdf
  • Benjamin Paschal Pilot

    Bernard Bernheim Co-pilot

    Leonard James Navigator

    Larkin Jones Bombardier

    Grafton Mangum Engineer/Gunner

    Martin Deibel Radio Operator

    Edgar Wienken Nose turret

    Paul Reichert Ball Turret

    John Beckman Waist Gunner

    Frank Crippen Waist Gunner