03/25/1945 - A/C: 42-78269

The ship nicknamed "Corsica Kid" landed at the A/D at Pecs, Hungary, on March 25, 1945. While the fliers got back to the base pretty soon the ship remained in Soviet hands. It was - together with other planes that were captured for various reasons as well - tested and it stayed "in service" until 1948 or 1949.

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  • MACR 13191: MACR 13191_Page 22.pdf
  • MACR 13191: MACR 13191_Page 5.pdf
  • William Callahan Pilot

    Donald Clark Co-pilot

    John Mc Arthur Navigator

    Paul Brown Eng Gnr

    Gordon Bartlett Radio Oper

    George Williams Nose Turret

    Charles Duhig Waist Gunner

    James Sobel Ball Turret

    Dewey Griffin Tail Turret