Daniel McMillin

MACR: 2448

2nd Lt Daniel Berlyn McMillin was assigned to the 459th BG 758th Squadron.
Military Occupational Specialty (MOS): Pilot.

B-24H Serial Number 41-29293 departed Fortaleza, Brazil in on February 8, 1944 for Dakar, Africa at 01:03 GMT. Radio contacts were made at 0203, 0303, 0403 GMT and no trouble reported. At 0503 GMT Fortaleza ground station attempted to contact the said aircraft but was unable to get any reply. It was thought that static or radio trouble had prevented contact being made with said aircraft. Said aircraft was not heard from after 0403 GMT February 8, 1944 and did not arrive at it's destination, Dakar, Africa. The crew was listed MIA. KIA is the term used when after one year and one day the remains of a military member have not been found and he or she is listed as being Killed in Action when engaged in war time missions. There were 10 crew members and no passengers on this aircraft:

1) Pilot, McMILLIN, Daniel B. 2nd Lt serial no. O-683563;

2) Co-Pilot, WHITTINGTON, Charles A. 2nd Lt O-692981;

3) Navigator, O'KELLEY, Thomas L. Jr. 2nd Lt, O-759500;

4) Bombardier, MYERS,Clyde E. 2nd Lt, O-689159;

5 Engineer, STRAUSBERGER, Elmer J. S/SGT 34480327;

6) R/O, ELG, Frank C. S/SGT 39905291;

7) G, THOMPSON, Donald B. S/SGT 38368229;

8) G, SCHETROMPF, Clarence E. S/SGT 13043267;

9) G, BASA, Harry L. S/SGT 12168367;

10) G, CARLSON, Carl A. SGT 11115735.

This crew was assigned to: Fifteenth Air Force, 304th Bomb Wing 459th Bomb Group 758th Bomb Squadron

2nd Lt Daniel Berlyn McMillin - 459th BG, Army Air Corps Library and Museum

2nd Lt Daniel Berlyn McMillin

Lt. Daniel Berlyn McMillin was born November 24, 1917 in Comanche County, Texas.

Home in Comanche County Texas - 459th BG, Army Air Corps Library and Museum

Home in Comanche County Texas

Mother and Father - 459th BG, Army Air Corps Library and Museum

Mother and Father

Personal Album of Daniel McMillin

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