Memorial - Texarkana Hussy A/C 42-95300

A new memorial created by the Austrian artist Josef Schuetzenhoefer. Josef is local painter and did research on several US bomber crash sites in Styria. The memorial is located in a park of the town of Poellau (not far from St. Jakob im Walde ) and displays the tail rudder of a B24. Some of the sheet metal covering the tail rudder was recovered from the wreckage by a farmer close to the crash site (see the wrinkled aluminum). It is dedicated to honor crews that crashed in the vicinity . One of this crews was of Texarkana Hussy ( B-24 H-30-FO A/C 42-95300 MACR: 6967 Date of Crash: 06/26/1944) 459th BG .

Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) No. 6967 View Details

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