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Donald Patnode

Sgt. Donald J Patnode was on board the Cherry II when she was hit near the right in board engine. The aircraft sustained major damage. The #3 engine propeller would not feather and the fuel transfer pumps in the belly were damaged. Fuel could not be transferred. The pilot in charge 1st lt Robert DeGoat, instructed the navigator to set a course for the Russian front near Ozd, Hungary. The aircraft would eventually exhaust all available fuel and with the parasitic drag from the #3 propeller, the aircraft would consume even more fuel to remain aloft. 1st Lt DeGoat told the crew, "When the props stop, leave the aircraft"

Sgt. Donald J. Patnode had not been with this crew before. The B-24 he had completed 10 mission with was currently in for maintenance. Like most crew members he wanted to get into the fight. My Dad went around to all the other squadron's and signed the volunteer list.

The tail gunner on the Cherry II, John C. Mann, reported to sick call on the 18th of Dec 1944. Sgt Donald J. Patnode replaced him for the mission.

My Dad, Donald J. Patnode, said he was standing just aft of the bomb bay doors smoking a cigarette when the props stopped. He flicked the cigarette out the open bomb bay doors and just followed it out.

MACR: 10699

Donald Patnode

Sgt. Donald J Patnode was assigned to the 459th BG 758th Squadron.
Military Occupational Specialty (MOS): Tail Turret.

The following information on Donald Patnode is gathered and extracted from military records. We have many documents and copies of documents, including military award documents. It is from these documents that we have found this information on Sgt. Patnode. These serviceman's records are nowhere near complete and we are always looking for more material. If you can help add to Donald Patnode's military record please contact us.

  Rank General Order Date Notes Award Ribbon & Device

Donald Patnode






Air Medal (AM)

Don Patnode






Air Medal (AM) Oak Leaf Cluster (OLC)

Please contact us with any biographical data, pictures or other information regarding the service and life of Donald Patnode.

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